Xinfinite (stylized as .xinfinitE) is a 3D sandbox game based on objects created in a 40x40x40 square. It allows for the download of extra packs with more objects. There are also exclusive packs that can be gotten during special events. There are also fan-made packs that can be downloaded from third-party websites or from (not a real link).

List of matter typesEdit

  • Items
Items that can be used to change other things in some way or another
  • Object
Placeable items that do something
  • Entities
Objects that can move

List of mechanicsEdit

  • Levels
The level a player or item is at
  • Damage
Damage to an object, item or entity
  • Coins
The coins a player has
  • Player
Who the player is playing as

List of thingsEdit







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