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Wither Pop is a puzzle-strategy game for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. It was released in Europe on March 5, 2016, in Oceania, South Africa, Brasil and Nigeria on March 18, 2016, Nippon and most part of Asia on March 25, 2016, and North America  on March 31, 2016. It includes two chapters, TetrisCraft and MinePuyo. MinePuyo plays similarly to Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche/Ghost Trap.


Wither has had enough of Steve. Using black magic, he turns everyone but Steve in a block. Steve must quickly stop Wither before it's - gulp - too late ?!


Everybody knows Tetris, so let's move on to the Puyo Puyo/Puyo Pop chapter. The game is played with two opponents, each controlling one of two grids. Blocks fall from the top in groups of two, coming in various types and one pair falling each "turn". The player must attempt to arrange the blocks into groups of at least four blocks all of the same type; should they do this, the blocks in the group will disappear.

Players must also contend with clear, or 'refugee' blocks which are deposited in the player's grid by their opponent removing larger chains of blocks. If a player is able to cause a chain reaction by removing one set of blocks, and hence causing another set to group and disappear, and so on, the resultant number of refugees deposited will be far higher. Refugee blocks cannot be removed by being arranged into groups of four; the only way to remove them is to remove normal blocks adjacent to the refugee. A player can attempt to send refugees to their opponent in order to frustrate their attempts to remove blocks. The player whose screen fills up with blocks first loses. A new element, though, is that opponents can now use a special ability.

The game has four main modes. Scenario Mode has the player going through ten levels facing against Wither and his army before facing off against Wither himself. As the game is played, Wither's henchmen become increasingly skilled and blocks begin to fall faster, making it more difficult to arrange them into desirable configurations. Upon the completion of a level, the game gives the player a password enabling them to start from that point in the game next time they play. Exercise Mode allows the player to play without a CPU opponent, with gameplay going faster as the game goes on. Another player may join in at any time. 1P vs 2P Mode allows two players to compete against each other. Lastly, there's also Puzzle Mode, in which players must either use a limited supply of blocks to clear a screen, or complete missions by arranging blocks in a certain pattern/shape or something else.

Opponents (both chapters, in order)Edit

Name Special Ability Quote and Animations
  • Fire Charge: Shoots a ball of fire, destroying blocks and preventing combos.


Hey, you ! You cannot get past my super spooky scary ghosts referred to as Ghasts ! Because i'm one myself ! Now bring it on !


  • Normal: Looks rather seriously.
  • Losing: Looks rather angry.
  • Lost: Looks confused, as if thinking "Did i just lose ?"
  • Close to Winning: Looks boastful.
  • Winning: Looks happy !
  • Fireball: Shoots a fireball, temporarily stunning P1.


I'm hot ! And yet cold... Is it because i'm teal ? Whatever. Bring it, bloke !


  • Normal: Looks seriously.
  • Losing: Looks angry.
  • Lost: Collapses to fire.
  • Close to Winning: Waves his Blaze Rods.
  • Winning: Starts dancing hip hop.
Shutcase TBA TBA
Throwback TBA TBA
Typhoon TBA TBA
Pigman Marshal TBA TBA
Atomus Explosive TBA TBA
  • Gun: Grabs a raygun and stuns P1 while blocks rapidly fall down.
  • Command Block: A extremely rare ability that Bones only uses if he's close to losing but no chain reactions have happened in the last ten seconds. When used, Bones automatically wins the match and P1 loses. The attack is unavoidable, meaning once he uses it, the match will become impossible for P1 to win.
  • Normal: Looks angry.
  • Losing: Starts sweating and looking shocked.
  • Lost: Gives an angry glare.
  • Close to Winning: Looks boastful and arrogant, his eyesbrows contantly hopping up and down.
  • Winning: Laughs at/Derides P1 while pointing his arm at him/her.
  • Wither Skull: Clears his entire roster. Wither only uses this attack if he's close to losing while P1 hasn't performed any chain reactions in the last 15 seconds.

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