Villager's Lawn is a psychological survival horror game by Expansion Corporations, Inc., once again based on Minecraft. In it, the player takes control of an unnamed player character who wakes up in the countryhouse he recently bought, and must find records which show how his family is killed by an unknown murderer.

It was released only for PlayStation 3. The game was rated M by ESRB and 18+ by PEGI.


The character buys an old countryhouse atop a mountain along with his family. At a night, however, your character wakes up to hear several death screeches. He then has to find video records showing how his family was murdered, to find clues who was the culprit.

  • First Record: The first record shows the character's sister, Anna, getting shot with a crossbow.
  • Second Record: This one shows the character's brother, Tom, getting strangled to death.
  • Third Record: In this record, the character's cousin gets jumpscared so loud his heart fails.
  • Fourth Record: In this record, the character's niece is slashed in the back with a poniard.
  • Fifth Record: In this record, the character's grandpa's nephew gets drowned in a swimming pool.
  • Sixth Record: In this record, a shadow nears the father of the character, and the record cuts to static while a scream is heard.
  • Seventh Record: The final record shows the murderer, but right when he's taking his mask off, the character is jumpscared from behind (it's scripted and thus unavoidable) and killed.

After the character dies (after viewing Record 7), a newspaper article is shown, having the following text:


At an old countryhouse, several murders happened ! No one survived but the mother and grandparents, who were to a night shop. The Police has since halted research due to a lack of clues. We will probably never know who the assassinator is.

Thus, the mystery is left unclear.

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