[Does DramaAlert intro backwards]

Text to speak: Hello guys Keemstar here and today we have totally real news

[shows Angry facepalming]

Angry: I think I should take over as the host of DramaAlert, you have been exposed for almost everything and now your getting sued.

[does DramaAlert intro with "Drop the Base" music]

Angry: The first story involves TheDiamondMinecart, he was exposed by me. I went through his videos. I found a video, in the comments, a totally legit comment said he was made of farts. Does that mean that our second favourite Minecraft YouTuber is gross? We have reached out to Dan for a response.

Dan: [in a Minecraft horror map] What just happened to my life?

[Shows a 1 second clip of the fight scene in Incredibles between the villain (sorry I forget his name) and the dad, the dad's head is replaced with Leafy's and the villains is replaced with Keemstar's. When it ends, it is covered by the Scarce logo]

Angry: Our next story involves Marina Joyce. We have found a YouTube account called "Marina Joyce's Kidnappers." We don't know if it is real or not. But it is super scary.

[Shows a 1/2 second clip of the Sans fight in Undertale, Sans is replaced with Leafy and the soul with Keemstar's head]

Angry: Our next story involves AlongCameJosh. He died. He was killed by Herobrine. I found an obviously not fake BBC broadcast. However, the channel continues to make videos. Josh probably hired a look-a-like just incase this happens.

[Shows the main GradeAUnderA characters as Leafy and Keemstar]

Angry: Unfortunately we have to report another death. DanTDM has died. Trayaurus killed him. This is basically a repeat of the Josh thing.

[Shows Sans and Papyrus from PewDiePie animated, PewDiePie's head is replaced with Keemstar's and San's with Leafy]

Angry: That's all for today and haveagowa

It shows Scarce hiding in the top floor of the building of the Gmod map while he (obviosly edited) says "Please. Subscribe. To. Angry. Channel. Today. Win. Million. Bucks. New car. I can't wait for you to drive me. That's. What. The. Car. Said."

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