The CreationEdit

  • 4,600,000,000 BC: The Guy unleashes all of his energy to create the Meme Omniverse. Two universes called the Leftyverse and the Rightyverse are created. The two universes have a massive core of all objects at the center. The Leftyverse was 2 Astrocanyears (8000 lightyears) and the Rightyverse was 1.5 Astrocanyears (4500 lightyears).
  • 4,500,000,000 BC: The center of the Rightyverse cracks and is torn in half, created many planets. The Rightyverse expands to 1.9 Astrocanyears (4900 lightyears) and the Leftyverse expands to 3 Astrocanyears (5200 lightyears).

First Life in the OmniverseEdit

  • 3,000,000,000 BC: About 8 rock particles fuse with the energy of Guy in the Rightyverse creating Rocklike, who floats in space for many years as a very small 0.5 inch tall being.
  • 2,999,999,971 BC: Rocklike reaches the size of 5 feet in 29 years. Rocklike goes in orbit of the planet Genesis.
  • 2,999,999,960 BC: Rocklike lands on Genesis and creates Oreaus and Stoneegee out of gold,iron,stone and Guy energy found on the planet.
  • 2,999,999,955 BC: Rocklike, Oreaus and Stoneegee go into Stoney Cells

The WarEdit

  • 1,990,991,900 BC: 9,000 gigawatts of Guy Energy hit a developing lake in the Leftyverse, creating Wateriani.
  • 1,990,991,899 BC: Wateriani creates Waterann,Aquaquake,Triaqua,Watertri and Waterstone
  • 1,990,991,859 BC: Wateriani invades Genesis, in the battle, Rocklike gets melted.
  • 1,990,999,858 BC: Stoneegee creates the Stoneerees to fight Wateriani's army.
  • 1,990,999,851 BC: Stoneegee starts melting, and eventually turns into a pile of stone and molten lava. Oreaus awakens and creates Penultistone.
  • 1,990,999,850 BC: A planet inhabited with Stoneerees is zapped with a Ectoplasm Energy Shocker Stage-1, causing ¾ of the population to turn into Stoneghosteerees
  • 1,990,999,841 BC: Penultistone uses the melted rock from Stoneegee to create Brownstoneegee.
  • 1,990,999,840 BC: During a raid, Wateriani gets destroyed.
  • 1,990,999,820 BC: During another raid, Aquaquake and Waterstone are destroyed.
  • 1,990,999,819 BC: After Penultistone and Triaqua are destroyed, Watertri and Waterann surrender and end the war.

Weegee EraEdit

  • 871,777,751 BC: Brownstoneegee's arm falls off and the Stoney parts are melted. Eventually it grows into Dereegeefy
  • 871,777,750 BC: Dereegeefy creates the Geeman genesis species and merges a Geeman, a Wateriani Clone and a Boxhead to create the Minecarfedter.
  • 871,777,750 BC: A Minecarfedter is hit with 30 waves of Guy Energy, creating Mr Boxstorius
  • 871,777,745 BC: The search for Oreaus begins. Over 400,000 people participate. Meanwhile, Tennier (a descendant of Waterann) and Terwater (a descendant of Watertri) want to find him for evil reasons.
  • 871,777,745 BC: Brownstoneegee creates the Anemopooecetes fluviapetalum (Windy grass dweller on a floating leaf).

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