The Wither's Office is Wither's central HQ in Minecraft: Revenge of the Wither. 


The office is a single room, the only on the floor it is on. It's stationed on the very top of TAWPA Corp, a condominium-esque office building on top of Chateau de Witherus. In the room is a single desk and swivel chair, with several buttons hidden at the bottom:

  • Green Button: Shuts down the power in Shellplex. Used in the movie and TURPG only.
  • Red Button: Opens up a trapdoor, dropping it's victims out of the building, in a lava pit, a Skeleton Spawning Room, a Witch-Potion Making Room, The End, or even The Void. It was once known to even have sent the victims inexplicably falling down in the Office from the ceiling (stated by Wither as "a l'il error").
  • Blue Button: Calls the Skeleton infantry.
  • Yellow Button: Summons a sheep, which jumps out of the window, inflates and flies off. Stated by Wither as "ehm, i don't even renember why i did that one ?"
  • Purple Button: Has lightning strike the room (without causing damage to the environment).
  • Orange Button: Summons a "Super Sheep Launcher", a tubular rocket launcher that shoots overfed Sheep, fat enough to create a blockade.

The ceiling and left and back walls of the Office are made entirely out of yellowish, xanthous coloured glass. The right wall and wall near the entrance are made out of gray, steel walls. The office can only be entered via a hidden, complex air vent system.

In the center of said air duct system is a red chamber with cameras that show everything in the building (including the hidden room itself), as well as being able to activate traps, speak through a microphone and do other malicious things. On the other hand, bypassing the door, then going right, right and left will lead you to a air shaft, blowing you straight into Wither's Office.

Bones regularly uses the hidden room, but Wither never uses it, instead giving commands via his office chair.

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