The Ender Dragon, or The Vicious Beast, is one of the two primary antagonists of The Minecraft Movie. The Ender Dragon is a highly feared, powerful dragon that protects the void-esque dimension, The End. The dragon wants to expand it's power, and to achieve said goal, he works together with another dreaded beast, The Wither.




  • Despite being confirmed female by Notch in the original Minecraft, The Ender Dragon is male in the movie, just like in Minecraft: Revenge of the Wither.
  • The Ender Dragon actually does talk in the film, but it's restricted to roaring and screeching, which is translated via subtitles.
  • The Ender Dragon differs slightly from his in-game counterpart:
    • The dragon is actually male.
    • The Dragon appears to have no "power" (he doesn't appear to rule the End), nor does he have any relationship with the Endermen; in fact, he hates them.
    • The dragon is bigger than his in-game version.
    • Lastly, the Ender Dragon doesn't need the Ender Crystal to heal his wounds; inversely, the crystals weaken him.

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