MROTW Skeleton
Clavicle Collarbone is one of the main characters in The Minecraft Movie. Clavicle is a skeleton mercenary, bounty hunter, bail agent, assassin, contract killer and hitman; due to this, Clavicle is a mostly neutral character, and is prone to betrayal, perfidy and treason. Clavicle accepts all missions if they get him a lot of money, ranging from protecting a family of farmers against a horde of griefers and killing a certain person to kidnapping/capturing certain people and/or fugitives (which is also why he is frequently hired by the government) and retrieving a certain object or item, and is almost always assisted by his loyal companion, the wither skeleton, Blacky Sacrum. He's voiced by Matthew Wood.

Clavicle starts off as secondary antagonist of the film, then as a neutral character, then as anti-hero, then secondary antagonist again, followed by an anti-villain and finally one of the main protagonists.


Clavicle has a huge array of weaponry at his disposal. His main weapons are Splash Potions and Lingering Potions, but that's far from all. For close combat, Clavicle uses swords and axes, and, in case of emergencies, even pickaxes, shovels, hoes and all he can find. For situations in which his Potions cannot reach the target, Collarbone has the skeletons' trademark bow and arrow, and not only normal arrows are used; the skeleton also uses Spectral Arrows and Tipped Arrows, the former which help him track down his targets. He also has a Fishing Rod to pull targets closer to him or even abduct them with it. In case of heavy emergency, his TNT and Lava Buckets will come in handy for sure, and so will his Dispensers ! The last weapons he has are three types of handguns he crafted with very complex and creative recipes; these shoot Shuker projectiles, Guardian lasers and energy, respectively. And when forced to, Clavicle will show his psychical skills, from throwing bones and skull and punching to grabbing and throwing his target and kicking him in the "schlong" (if you don't get what i mean, it's the place no man wants to be kicked in. ... Still don't get it ? Fine, it's the dong. But you don't need to inhale it - cookies for those who get the reference). Ouch ! 




  • Both Clavicle's first name and surname both have the same meaning; they're in fact synonymouses of each other.
  • Clavicle is the only character in the movie to be truly neutral; all other "neutrals" except for his companion Blacky Sacrum are in fact imposters or undercover agents.

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