In 2020, some British scientists discovered a mysterious KBO that fit the criteria for a planet. It had a core similar to Earth, it was slightly larger than Earth (one millimeter larger), most of its underground was a lot like Earth's and its surface was mostly dirt, lots and lots, of dirt.

They then found a black hole in space, they sent a probe to it and the probe threw a rock into it. The rock came out on Tenretni. The experimented with other objects, such as tardigrades, airplane wings, a piece of paper and a toaster oven and they all came out the same. A space station was built around the portal's end near Earth. Some people went in to the portal and ended up on Tenretni, they built a similar thing around the portal's end on Tenretni. They discovered it had a day-night cycle somehow. One of the Tenretnaught's helmet shattered, but he could breath perfectly, everyone took their suits off (also to realized they overdressed). A place was built there where they surveyed the planet for months.

Finally, in 2022, they decided to terraform the planet. Hundreds of planes were sent all over the place and planted genetically modified grass seeds and water to the dirty soil of the planet. Within days the planet was covered in green grass and even some rivers and forests. A colony with a population of 25,611 was established on the planet. The first country to colonize the planet was the UK. Their colony was called New London.

Dark Green = Forest

Green = Grassy

Light Green = Savanah

Orange = Sand

Grey = Concrete

Blue = Water

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