Steve Minecraftian, or simply Steve, is the primary protagonist of Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither. He's a human that lives in Shellthorp, in the very center of The City. Steve is armed with a Diamond Sword, an Iron Pickaxe, Stone Axe, a Diamond Shovel and a Gold Hoe, as well with a Bow and Potions. Steve is a intelligent, brave, honest hero that hates evil and does everything he can to drive it away and protect his friends. Steve barely kills his foes; he mostly leaves them behind, weakened, and only deals the coup de grâce when he has no other choice. Steve is taken from the original Minecraft, though his appearance has been updated to make it more realistic (image at the right).


  • Despite Steve appearing in almost every episode, the other central character/avatar from Minecraft, Alex, barely appears at all. She only made cameos or was mentioned, until the movie, where she finally had a speaking role.
  • Steve has a döppelganger known as Evets (which is Steve backwards), who wears a red shirt and is malicious, and furthermore the opposite of what Steve is:
    • Evets always murders his foes, never sparing them.
    • Evets is arrogant and always wants to be the big hero, while Steve is modest.
    • Evets likes slaying Pigs, Creepers and Endermen, while Steve befriends the latter two and keeps a pig, Piggy, as pet.
    • Lastly, Evets often lies and brags to get attention.
  • Evets appeared in one episode, where it was revealed Gray made him with Steve's DNA.
  • Steve is the only character in the series who was planned in the show's very beginning.
    • He was also one of the earliest main characters in the show to appear, appearing with Bones and Piggy in the Pilot. Mr. Explosive debuted in the very first episode, Underground, and Wither followed two episodes later.
  • Steve has a twin brother who looks the same like him, called Marino. The difference is that Marino uses a Iron Axe as his weapon, and Flint and Steel as secondary weapon.
  • Steve can apparently jump 1.275m high, and can run 18km a hour, suggesting he's very athletic.
  • In You can bank on Steve, when chasing the Pigman Marshal, he's attacked by a Ghast. He quickly jumps up a ledge and says "I ain't afraid of no Ghast !", a reference to the Ghostbusters ("I ain't afraid of no ghost !") 

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