MROTW Skeleton
Skeletons are boney, undead... ehm... well yeah, Skeletons. Weaponed with bows or other weapons, Skeletons roam Rubydung (the planet The Minecraft Movie takes place on) all over the place. Skeletons are normally peaceful, but shouldn't be made angry. Unlike the original Minecraft, Skeletons in the Minecraft Movie universe don't burn up in the sun; they simply become tired, but using helmets or pumpkins, they can block sunlight and keep their energy at the fullest. Skeletons without those helmets or pumpkins usually sleep during the day, mostly under a tree's shadow. 


  • Bow
  • Swords
  • Axes
  • Splash Potions
  • Lingering Potions
  • TNT

In The Minecraft MovieEdit

In the Minecraft Movie, Skeletons play a huge role, and they appear more than any other mob in the film. 

History TBA


Skeleton Gang (Vomer Bevy - Sphenoid Rabble)Edit

  • Wrench
  • Clanker
  • Bonebag
  • Boneheap
  • Ribs
  • Skuller
  • Coccyx



  • Wither Skeletons: Black, charred Skeletons that can usually be found near Nether Fortresses. Be careful; Wither Skeletons can and will spread the deadly Wither Sickness when angered.

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