“Sooooooo, you dare defy me ? Seriously, what are you thinking ? I'm Prisma, heck !”

Prisma is an evil, sadistic Wither Skeleton and the main antagonist of the 2017 movie, The Minecraft Movie 2. He used to be Anthon's brother, until he fell in a pool of lava. Presumed dead for years, he later revived as Wither Skeleton and went on to call himself Prisma. No longer the friendly person he used to be, Prisma created "Nether Cannons", special turrets that shoot huge bombs. These bombs' explosions drag landscape into the Nether, where he will rule.


Prisma wasn't revealed until the later parts of the movie. After landscape from the Overworld mysteriously dissapeared and craters came in their place, Steve and co. went on a quest to find out what happened, ultimately encountering a Nether Cannon near a portal. Clavicle and Blacky agreeing to stay with the portal, the rest, along with some of Bob's friends, go into the portal, to the Nether.

When Steve and co. found a Nether Fortress later on, they were greeted by Prisma, who welcomed them to "The Empire of Skeletons", where they may stay as long as they want. Seeing another Nether Cannon and overworld landscape, Steve finds out Prisma was behind the mystery. Asking him stop, Steve tries to destroy the cannon, but Prisma stops him in his tracks and calls his army to arrest the group. The group avoids arrestations and flees into the fortress. Prisma commands his troops to find them.

Even later in the movie, when the gang finds an exit, Prisma reappears with his troops, revealing it was a trap. Steve escapes into an air vent, but his friends get captured. 

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