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Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither: The Ultimate RPG Enemy
Money Stealer
Money Stealers
Internal ID
Location(s) Shellplex
Battled by Steve
HP 150
Power 80
Defense 113
Speed 50
Experience 85
Diamonds 0-30
Items Dark Cutter
Gear Hitman Wards
Related Silent Leader

Money Stealers are enemies in Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither: The Ultimate RPG. They are sadistic, conscienceless, greedy teenagers with poniards and snickersnees, that patrol the dark alleys at the bottom of Shellplex. Money Stealers ambush everyone they see to steal their smartphones, gaspers, alcohol and money, then murder them afterwards. The organization is led by Silent Leader, and are hired by Grezson and Gray to kill Steve if they see him in exchange for Diamond Swords, TNTs and Flint and Steel. 

In battle, Money Stealers have two attacks. The first is a simple poniard stab. If Steve is quick enough, he can block it with his sword or try to retaliate by slashing his sword. The second is throwing a snickersnee. Steve must quickly dodge it, or else he will suffer huge amounts of damage.

Silent LeaderEdit

Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither: The Ultimate RPG Enemy
Silent Leader
Silent Leader
Internal ID
Location(s) Shellplex
Battled by Steve
HP 900
Power 170
Defense 320
Speed 100
Experience 6000
Diamonds 3

The Silent Leader is (self-explanatory) the leader of the Money Stealers. He is faced as a boss at the end of Shellplex.

Silent Leader combines his goons' attacks with two of his own.

The first is attempting to set Steve on fire with Flint and Steel, and later on lava. Steve must quickly slash his sword to avoid it. The second is placing TNT, and throwing a Ghast Fireball to it. By slashing the TNT enough times, it is destroyed. After that, slashing the fireball returns it to sender, damaging him.

After defeat, the leader is killed, and the police arrests all goons afterwards. From this point onwards, Money Stealers cannot be fought anymore.