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The Darwin Mod is an interesting mod that allows you to create weird mobs. There can be Pig-Cows, Chicken-Zombies and even Spider-Squids.

This simple list included in the post shows how diverse the mobs can be...

  • a body (4 possible shapes)
  • a head (3 possible shapes or none)
  • a snout (3 possible shapes or none)
  • ears/horns (3 possible shapes or none)
  • a tail (3 possible shapes or none)
  • 2 rear legs (3 possible shapes or none)
  • 2 front legs/arms (3 possible shapes or none)
  • the speed it can move depends on the size of the legs
  • rotation of the body (from 0 to 90°)
  • color (16'581'375 colors)
  • skin (11 different skins)
  • dropped item (126 possibilities)
  • AI and behaviour: depending on some genes, some tasks are added like "hunt cows" for example or "flee when hit" or "look for shade".
  • other behaviours: burn in sun, hurt by water, immune to fire...
―The mod's creator

When mobs are bred, a larvel state of its child is born. The larvae looks simply like it's adult state's torso.

This is a pretty cool mod, it was made the (possible) geneticist Manchou and can be found here.

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