Minecraft is a GCI-animated action-comedy-drama series made by CMCI and Expansion, aimed for people from the age of 9 onwards. It's based on The Minecraft Movie and it's sequel, and as such features the same characters.


Unlike most other cartoons, the entire first season of the show lacks a main antagonist; every episode in that season has different antagonists. From the second season onwards, main antagonists Wraiden, ETH-102 and TROLLFACE debuted.


Wraiden is the general main antagonist of a handful Season 2 episodes. He's a teen suited in black, with a veil hung at his face, showing his eyes only, and a hood, covering most of his (light brown) hair. Wraiden is the leader of the Griefer Gang and tries to take and maintain control over the city. Wraiden dislikes close combat, and prefers to snipe his opponents from afar. He wields a bow and a Dispenser Gun, and a huge array of Splash Potions. He also has Flint and Steel. Lastly, he also wields a sledgehammer when forced in close combat. Wraiden is arrested at the end of the season, and has not appeared afterward.


(Tyrannic Rickrolling Ongoing Life Liking Freaky Awkward Community Errors)

Trollface is a secret society of hackers and activists, appearing as the foremost antagonists in a three-part series, called "Hacker Drama", "Secret Society" and "Crash". All of them have trollfaces of different kinds.




Season 1Edit


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