Minecraft: Revenge of the Wither: Grezson's Ultimate Plan was a game to be developed and published by Expansion Corporations, Inc. It was going to be a crossover between a Tactical RPG and a Roguelike. Little about it was known, except that Grezson was going to be involved in one way or another.


The game was only shortly worked on. As soon as Wither saw the idea, he hated the concept, feeling that Grezson was overused and fearing that he might become a cliché. The gameplay was dissaproved, and thus development on the game was stopped permanently.

A while after the cancellation, a fan asked if Grezson was going to reappear, to which Wither responded:

We are not planning to include Grezson in RPGs anymore. Also, three RPGs are fine. Two canceled, three released. Three is enough, i won't know what the gameplay, combat system and story would have to be each freakin' time. Let me say that The Ultimate RPG will be the final RPG in the series, which is why it's so huge and complex. Grezson has died thrice, and that's enough as well. Grezson is dead and never going to be used ever again. The RPGs are going to be halted, because i really cannot imagine what and how they would be. That does not mean no more games are being made; i'm just stopping the RPGs. Thanks for your attention.

-Withersoul 235


  • If all RPG plans were released, there would be five MROTW RPGs; in addition to GEP, there was another plan referred to as "World".

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