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Minecraft: Constable Cops is a game currently under construction, to be released in 2021. It's a 2D platformer for the PS Vita.


Bones kidnaps Creep, Steve's creeper friend. He dresses up as constable, but griefers steal his uniforms and get away with Creep in a police car. TAWPA and Steve must team up to stop the Griefers.



  • D-Pad: Move
  • Left Stick: Move
  • X: Throw grabbed items
  • Circle: Attack
  • Square: Grab items
  • Triangle: Jump
  • L: Special action
  • R: Climb ladders
  • Right Stick: Move Camera
  • START: Pause
  • SELECT: Swap between characters

Gameplay (undergoing construction)Edit

Playable characters include Steve, Marino, Guns, Bones, Gray and Wither. Steve and Gray are the only characterd with a lee board. Marino has a chopper/hatchet, Guns and Bones have firearms while Wither lacks an actual weapon. Each character has 6 hearts. Getting hit 6x will force the character to retreat (causing them to run off-screen.).


Character Weapon Inflicts most damage on
Steve Diamond Sword Any enemy
Marino Diamond Axe Creepers
Guns Double Pistoles Ghasts
Bones Aukos-22 Blaster Any enemy
Gray The Glaive of Jinx Griefers, trolls
Wither Wither Skulls Living species (does not affect undeads)


  • The Village (Levels 1-12)
  • The Beach (Levels 12-16)
  • The Desert (Levels 16-23)
  • The Cold Tiaga (Levels 23-29)
  • The Void (Levels 29-35)
  • The Stronghold/Dungeon/Abandoned Mineshaft (Levels 35-50)
  • Griefers Mansion (Levels 50-75)
  • Despotic Takeover (Final Boss)


  • ItsJerry from ItsJerryAndHarry makes a cameo in the game in level 6, fishing.
    • ExplodingTNT also makes a cameo in the game in level 12, he's near the beach and seemingly holding a TNT, it is likely that he's trying to blow some stuff up. This was added in 1.6.5.
    • Magmacore Development, the game creator stated that one of their employees secretly added ExplodingTNT in the game in level 12. And they said that they won't remove it.

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