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"What you need to cut short is yourself."
-Gray, Bonebreaker

Gray Hayule
Homeland The Nether
Nickname Grey Hayyule
Birthdate September 15, 1022 (aged 993)
Species Wither Skeleton
Weapon(s) Several blasters, guns, hammers and swords
Affiliation TAWPA

Gray Hayule (sometimes spelled as Grey Hayyule), better known by his position name Major-General Gray or General-Major Gray is one of the prime agents of the Wither, and an embodiment of sadism, hatred and jealousy. Being the leader of the Wither Skeletons and Cave Spiders, Gray servers directly as the tertiary antagonist of Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither.

Early LifeEdit

Originally, Gray was born in 1022. Due to a gang of abusers, he became evil, and killed off his 11-year old brother by throwing a Potion of Harming at him. Due to this, Gray was abandoned by his parents, leading him even further into the evil side. 

When he was 19, he killed off three police officers and two children, leading to his execution in 1041. Before getting hung at a gibbet, he swore he would return. After his death, his body was burnt to ensure he wouldn't come back; this was the main reason how he became a Wither Skeleton. In 1042, at the day of his capital punishment a year earlier, Gray returned from the death. 

After causing much, much more manslaughter and homicides in the Dark Ages, Gray was banned to The Nether.

During the New Times, in 1702, Gray escaped and met Bones. Together, they formed a crime duo.

Another two centuries later, they joined Wither in 1994.

In Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither: The Ultimate RPG, Gray serves as the tertiary antagonist. He is fought two times; once by his own, and the second time with Bones on his side. In the first fight, just like Bones' first four fights, he runs away when his HP drops to 1. In the second fight, he's defeated.


First FightEdit

Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither: The Ultimate RPG Enemy
Gray (1st time)
Internal ID
Location(s) Shellplex
Battled by Steve
HP 7000
Power 699
Defense 588
Speed 550

Gray has a special gimmick in this fight: Steve may not use items in any way, and he isn't allowed to counterattack, block or dodge either; thus, Steve must rely solely on his SPEED, POW and DEF. Gray has four attacks in this fight:

  1. Grabbing his blaster and shooting a single energy shot.
  2. Grabbing his sword and slashing Steve with it.
  3. Grabbing a bow and shooting fiery arrows.
  4. Throwing a Potion of Harming.