Welcome,player! this is the guide to TAWPA from Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither by Withersoul!

What does T.A.W.P.A stand forEdit

If you want to know what T.A.W.P.A stands for,it's The Awesome Wither's Poison Army not That Aligned White Popping Asteroid.

The MembersEdit

The WitherEdit

The Wither is the stubborn leader of TAWPA,he is a wither. He's birth name is Jean-Paul-Marie-Wither,but he got it changed to Fedrick-Kennedy-Falcon-Wither.

Alias:JPMW or FKFW
Birthday:June 16th,906 (aged 1109)

Admiral BonesEdit

Admiral Bones is The Wither's Second in Command and leader of the TAWPA Military — and to extension — the Army and Navy Fleet. As his name suggests he is a skeleton.

Corporal LightningboltEdit

LightningBolt is the leader of the Ghasts along with the spooks. He is ghast,who would not want to lead his/her own species. Huh,answer me when I talk to you!

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