Godofmemez Paranormal Enterprises

Godofmemez Paranormal Enterprises is a mysterious organization that specializes in researching the paranormal, anomalies, and paranormal events, and primarily deals with the weird and esoteric. At August 2016, it officially became a subsidiary of CMCI.

Godofmemez Paranormal Enterprises was originally an independent paranormal research organization based on Trollpasta from 2014-2015, in which it was composed of Godofmemez himself and his followers, and it goes without saying that they experienced various anomalies there as well. However, at early 2016, they realized that Trollpasta is now a bad country, and thus left during the CMCI-Trollpasta War and went in exile for a while before a certain person approached Memez, offering his organization to be a subsidiary of CMCI...


  • Budget: $9,500,000 (฿330338750.00 Thai Baht)
  • Headquarters: Unknown (possibly international?)

Godofmemez Paranormal Enterprises does have an actual website, which is now located here. They also have an original website on Wikia until January 2015, but since it was closed down, due to that it was reported by a certain anomaly. It is recommended that you respect the members' privacy as GPE members are outcasts of mass society, and it is preferred you just read their articles.

Due to originally being an independent paranormal research organization, the only parent company of GPE is Craft Media Cast International.

Godofmemez Paranormal Enterprises is composed of a thai called Godofmemez (Leader & CEO), an enigmatic person called Patrix90 (Deputy Leader), an animate skeleton called Bonesy Rather (Senior Researcher & Chairman) and a mysterious alien(?) girl called Nue Houjuu (operative). It is to be noted that while there are other followers, they aren't official members of this organization, but they are associates in themselves.

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