The Free Bavarian Party of Germany is a group that operates in the Bavaria region of Germany that wishes to create an independent Bavarian state. It has about 20,000 soldiers, mostly from the Bavaria region of Germany, however, many soldiers came from surrounding countries.


Their military has 20,000 soldiers and medium amounts of vehicles, mostly produced in occupied territories and urban areas of other nations.

Troops by nation of originEdit

  • Federal Republic of Germany-icon Germany (Bavaria): 34% (about 6800 troops)
  • Federal Republic of Germany-icon Germany (Other states): 17% (about 3400 troops)
  • Poland-icon Poland: 20% (about 4000 troops)
  • France-icon France: 5% (about 1000 troops)
  • 20x30px Belgium: 5% (about 1000 troops)
  • 20x30px Netherlands: 1% (about 200 troops)
  • United Kingdom-icon United Kingdom: 5% (about 1000 troops)
  • 20x30px Spain: 1% (about 200 troops)
  • 20x30px Portugal: 2% (about 400 troops)
  • 20x30px Russia: 5% (about 1000 troops)
  • 20x30px Kazakhstan: 5% (about 1000 troops)

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