Summary Edit

This image illustrates the badge of a Regiment or other unit of the British Army, which is probably subject to Crown Copyright. It is considered that the use of this image qualifies as fair use because:

1. The image illustrates, and is representative of, the badge in question.

2. The badge uniquely identifies the Regiment or unit. (In the British Army, unlike most other armies, each Regiment has its own individual badge.)

3. The information contained in this image cannot adequately be conveyed by other means.

4. The image is of low resolution and is only useful for illustrative purposes.

5. A free image is not available because it is the design itself that is subject to copyright.

6. The badge is only of historical interest, since the Regiment or unit no longer exists owing to disbandment or amalgamation with other units.

Source: Based on an image at

Usage: Used at 11th Hussars.


Licensing Edit

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