Dusky, Greenie in former times, is an Enderman (formerly a Creeper) with a hatred of evil. Dusky was originally Greenie the Creeper, but was slaughtered by Arian, and was reincarnated as Enderman to stop the evil Enderator. After the latter's defeat, he went off to get revenge on Arian. 


Early Life and DeathEdit

Dusky was originally a Creeper called Greenie, who had a brother called Vert. Greenie was a justific pacifist, who, once upon a day, encountered Arian, who was murdering Pigs for fun. When Greenie comments on it, Arian responds that they deserve it because they're stupid, and that Greenie should go away and let him kill more. Greenie tried to talk him over, but Arian grabbed Greenie and threw him into a tree behind them. As Greenie was recovering but still weakened and sitting against the tree, Arian uttered the final words Greenie would hear in this life: "Goodbye, Greenie !". Before Greenie could get away, Arian killed him with a Splash Potion of Harming II, laughed maniacally and ran off.


Infiltrating in the EnderGangEdit


Enderator BeatenEdit




  • Vert: Greenie's 10.5 year old brother. He was the one who found Greenie's corpse. After Dusky told him everything (with help from the Oracle, who sent proof), Vert helped fight Enderator and later Arian.




Despite his pacific nature, Dusky has killed two persons (only because he had no other choice):

  • Enderator: Accidentally killed due to Dusky reprogramming an Ender Crystal's laser to weaken whoever gets hit by it.
  • Arian: Killed due to Dusky throwing him into a pool of lava.


  • Dusky was stated to be 12 years old in the comics, whereas in the movie he was 13.

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