Dream Creepers are enemies in the upcoming Pixel Universe game. They were first revealed in a teaser.


Dream Creepers come in various colors, though most of them are green. They wear a sleeping cap.


Dream Creepers are lethargic, sleeping Creepers, encountered in the Drowsy Desert. Steve must behave carefully to not wake it up. If it does, it uses one attack, where it will smack Steve with a pillow. When catching some Z's, Dream Creepers have two more attacks.

In the first, it will hit Steve five times with a blanket, and finishes by having a bed fall on him. In the second, it will blow a bubble out of his mouth (a reference to cartoons, where napping people usually blow a bubble out of his mouth), and it pops, causing harm to Steve.


  • Their stats yet have to be revealed.
  • In addition to this enemy, Dream Wither Skeletons, Slimes, Magma Cubes, Blazes, Ghasts and Endermen have been revealed. It's confirmed that they will share the "be careful or they wake up" mechanic just like the Creeper has.

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