DinoTerror is a 2017 survival horror-first-person shooter game. It was developed and published by Expansion Corporations, Inc. for various computer platforms, Xbox One and PlayStation Vita. A port to Nintendo's upcoming console, the Nintendo NX, is being developed. It's a first-person shooter with mild horror aspects that revolves around dinosaurs accidentally getting cloned by the company Genesis International. It is not related to Minecraft, just like Trigger Happy. It was given an M rating by ESRB, 16 by PEGI, 15+ by ELSPA, D by CERO and high ratings by other game rating boards, mainly because of it's violence and mild horror/scary content, such as jumpscares. It's so far the only CMCI game with these ratings.


In the year 2043, the succesfully multinational company Genesis International, led by Magnate Fire (Wolfgang Adhemar Fire), purchases the right to an island in the Arctic Ocean for scientific purposes. They try to resurrect woolly mammoths, dodos and Rodrigues solitaires, and then sell them. However, the experiment, using DNA, goes wrong; they end up resurrecting not only these three animals, but also dinosaurs and a few other prehistoric reptiles. They all flee the island; however, 24-year old Lucas Drummond is forgotten and left behind on said island. Upon arrival in the US, they realize their mistake, and Lucas is presumed deceased.

However, he actually survived. During his attempt to escape the lab, he befriends an Edmontonia (an ankylosaur that lived 75 to 65 mya). They escape the island (full of dinosaurs), but when they find another helicopter, they accidentally take a bag with them, containing the device that resurrected the animals. Upon arrival at Bridgeport, Connecticut, the city swiftly becomes overrun by dinosaurs. Lucas has to solve the crisis and also stop Magnate Fire, who's hatching a malicious plan...

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Health SystemEdit

The game has a unique health system never seen before in any game. At the bottom-right corner, there is an emoticon (the ":-D" emoticon). After being hit twice, the emoticon changes to a different one (the ":-)" emoticon). This repeats in this order:

Neutral expression (":-|")
Sad expression (":-(")
Closing one eye and looking shocked*
Severly beaten up: black eye, bandages all over the place and a bump on the head*

(*=emoticon shakes to signify the player is close to death)

Being hit twice while the last emoticon is on-screen will result in a Game Over (the screen will freeze and become red, after which the letters "GAME OVER" and, depending on the situation, a death message appear). This means the player can endure 12 hits. 

Utiziling the "+Health Bonus" DLC will allow the player to take 4 hits until emoticon change, allowing for an endurance of 24 hits.

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