Creepers are beings that exist all over the place in all Minecraft incarnations. They are (according to the MROTW website) "snake-coloured vine thingy thingy thingies" that make a viper's hissing sound. Despite their hostile behaviour in Minecraft itself, in MROTW Creepers are described as mostly peaceful herbivores who occasionally eat fish rather than leafs and plants. Some Creepers, though, are unhappy with the world, and, let by TAWPA, try to change it to their heart's content. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Creepers in MROTW have the ability to use their front legs as arms, and lean on their back legs. Creepers can survive getting hit by lightning, which instead causes them to power up into Charged Creepers. These can levitate and shoot aura, lightning and electricity.

Creepers also have one powerful self-defense attack: exploding. The Creeper explosions in MROTW, though, are different then those from the game; in MROTW, Creepers instead send out a growing force field which devastates everything it touches. It can't last for long, though, and after a few seconds, it dissapears with a destructive flash. Creepers in MROTW can also survive explosions of their own, being able to explode indefinitely (though it does have to charge).

TAWPA's Creepers are equipped with Bombshell Gloves, forming a throwable grenade or bombshell in their hands when the Creepers have one in mind. 

Creepers in MROTW are unable of speach, except Mr. Explosive and the Creepers in Shellthorp. The others can only grunt or make facial expressions.


  • In MROTW, Charged Creepers are unable to explode.
  • All Creepers in the series share the same voice, except Mr. Explosive.

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