FANDOM is the website for CMCI.




  • Just 3 weeks after the site was founding, a group of 500 people raided the site and changed the front page to day "OOOOOOOO NAPSTABLOG PLZ FOLLOW OR DIE!" and a bunch of pictures of Nyan Cat with a spongebob head were spammed everywhere, everyone involved in the raid was banned and the damaged was fixed
  • In late December 2015, a user by the name of "Kapsklock55" made a thread on the site called "Creepy dude on chat." The thread said that on the site's chat he got a PM containing his IP address and the who sent it claimed to be part of anonymous. After some users investigate, this was soon discovered to be hoax, the dox account was a sock and the IP apparently in the screenshot (which wasn't censored) was traced to the GoDaddy servers in Phoenix, Arazona
  • In January-February 2016, two users named Bob12 and Bob13 started a massive fight over their usernames which ended with Bob12 doxxing Bob13 and posting his IP on the forums, however, the IP was traced, again to the GoDaddy servers
  • In between the Bob Drama, a group of hackers that claimed to be supportive of Anonymous, called SpamKids DDoSed the site 12 times before stopping
  • In June 2016, an unlisted YouTube video on a channel was leaked, the video showed a video of a guy wearing a Guy Fawkes Anonymous mask holding a hammer and smashing a blue block of clay with CMCI written on it. He then held up a notebook saying "Is what will happen CMCI to site" (That is what will happen to the CMCI site). Later, the site was DDoSed by SpamKids again, the account and video have since been taken down

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