This page is archived.
It was created before the wiki's revamp in 2018, in a time it had a different topic under a different head bureaucrat.
Even if you can edit the page, you should refrain from doing so unless absolutely necessary.

This is a list of rules on the wiki. Strikes for each rule wear off after a month (except for rule 6)

  • Do not attempt to initiate a raid
    • First Time:Infinite ban
  • No vandalizing, I hope I don't need to explain this
    • First Time: Warning
    • Second Time: 2 day ban
    • Third Time: 1 week ban
    • Fourth Time: 1 month ban
    • Fifth Time: infinite ban
  • Alt accounts are okay, but not to evade a ban
    • First Time: Infinite ban on alt account,if you are banned,your ban will be increased by 1 week each time you sockpuppet
  • No cyberbullying, cyber bullying is when someone bullys another person over the internet
    • First Time: 1 Month ban
    • Second Time: Infinite ban
  • No edit warring, edit warring is when someone reverts an edit, and you revert that, and then it goes crazy
    • First Time: Warning
    • Second Time: 2 day ban
    • Third/Fourth Time: 1 week ban
    • Fifth Time: 2 week ban
    • Sixth Time: 1 month ban
    • Seventh Time: Infinite ban
  • Capturing (our term for using a character, object, location etc. without permission)
    • Every time: Lots and lots of drama
    • First Time: Deletion of violating articles, if the articles are about a story, no articles are to be written on the story for 1 week, 1 week ban from chat for infringer
    • Second Time: Cancellation and locking of articles related to the subject, 3 month block of user
    • Third Time: Deletion of all articles relating to the subject (not the subjects before), previous works will be able to be adopted by another user, permanent ban from chat
    • Fourth Time: Infinite block

Page Creation Guidelines

  • No inappropriate images
  • No 18+ content unless you put this template on the page
  • It must be at least 6 words long of any length
  • It can't be an attack page
  • It can't be copied from another wiki, unless you created the original page or if you have permission
  • It can't be copied from Wikipedia
  • No offensive terms
  • It to be original and not a COMPLETE copy of another person's article
  • No discrimination/racist/blackmail pages