Withersoul and memez you can add ur stuff

  • A TV channel about reality TV and comedy
  • A website offering tutorials Meh
  • Huge waves of promotional art
  • A DVD(s) Meh
  • A freaking statue
  • An os
  • Month-long tours of CMCI buildings Meh
  • A literal trumpet simulator What the actual...
  • A publication company
  • A CMCI book store
  • A simple program similar to forums or blogs
  • A department speciaized in making movies, films, motion pictures, photoplays, you get the idea. The main CMCI company makes that, though it may return in the future with different things
  • A MC version of Goat Simulator called Cow Simulator (yes it already exists but perhaps reboot it. The crazy minigames will return).
  • A CMCI computer for all three main OS (Windows, Mac (OS) (X), Linux) specialized for video gaming
  • A gag show with random MC gags

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