As media giant, CMCI cannot be CMCI without TV channels. We'll make a list of 'em right now ! (Channels from Expansion Corporations, Inc. are included because it partners with CMCI.)

Expansion's ChannelsEdit

Magnum is Expansion's main channel. It shows non-stop cartoons, animes, animated series and game shows until 12:15AM (0:15 o'clock). The channel's content is mainly directed at children from ages 8 and up (series with higher ratings, such as 10+ or 12+, are marked with a warning message to describe the content that may be unsuitable for younger viewers).

Major ShowsEdit

More TBA

Expansion Goes Classic is the secondary channel from Expansion. It currently shows series from 1969 to 2008 (which rises up by one each additional year, e.g if we're 2017, then it'll show series from 1969 to 2009), like Ox Tales, Saturday Supercade, Pac-Man, Captain N: The Game Master, the Mario DiC cartoons and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

More TBA

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