This is the place for anyone who wants to get something posted on my blog. I will go through all of them and put the approved ones on my blog. You will get a message on your message wall if it is approved. You can make 10 tens, tips, tricks, pretty much anything. But, if you are just gonna self-advertise, no, just no (unless you made a little game, however, I will most likely edit it to make it a little bit neutral). Also, yes, you can submit a story.


  • If you want a picture, don't put it there, link it
  • If you want to put a link, put the link there with nothing else, if you want it to say something, write what you want it to say in square brackets
  • If your post wasn't approved, copy it and put it in a new page (with the title followed by (edit [edit number]))

How to requestEdit

Make a subpage of this page, make the subpage's name "Blog Post Submission Requests/[name of your post]" (without quotation marks"

Use this syntax in the beginning of the page:


!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!: Add the category "Open BPSR" to the page

List of requestsEdit


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Blog Post Submission Requests/Top 10 Largest Dinosaurs EVER15:09, August 20, 2016 (hist)AngrydroidForce99


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