An Aukos-22 Blaster, fully an Aukos-22 Phaser Carbine, is a fictional weapon within the MROTW universe. It's Bones' main weapon, and a Raygun that doesn't use ammo.


Aukos-22 Blasters are a cross between pulse rifles, blasters, ray guns, phasers and plasma rifles; as such, it doesn't shoot bullets, but instead mostly short, rectangular, white laser shots with thick red outlines, made out of concentrated energy. Aukos-22s look unpromising when thinking about the fact they don't shoot bullets, but they sure are deadly; in fact, they're deadlier then actual bullets. The weapons are very compact, and their ammo can be changed to energy, sparks, plasma, long lasers, missiles, electricity, beams and other types of laser shots. Aukos-22s don't require ammo; just one (extremely small) dispenser with some redstone comparators in the barrel allow for indefinite shots.

Aukos-22s were invented around 2073 by RedRevenge, a team of self-proclaimed "pros", who used a lot of redstone to create the weapon.


  • Bones (main user)
  • Gray (two)
  • Eugene Wasper
  • Steve (once, because he had no other choice)
  • Clanker

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