This was a blog created by Brig02 to advertise some game. It was found on Community Central.

Gamers can pick up and match their way through the best elements of classic action-RPG and matching games. Crusaders Quest is the newest and latest in a growing trend of games based around acquiring heroes, while working your way through various missions.

Gamers can recruit and create a team of units, including archers, warriors, hunters, wizards and more than 200 unique heroes (in six classes) as they make their way through various landscapes such as forests, deserts, deep seascapes and volcano-filled areas. They will encounter different enemies, including bosses on each stage.

The player can control the skills of each hero, Heroes has their own type of skills and they also has a block skill that gives them a chance to easily decimate the enemies. Heroes can get a star and SP through battles, hero that gained 3 stars has an opportunity to unlock new skills and to increase their level.

Each hero has their own leveling system. In order to increase the level of each hero, they need to collect more SP.

All skills have either Physical or Magic damage. “Crusaders Quest” is now available worldwide for Android and iOS. Come on !! Check This out and wait for my next update!

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