Plz don't ask, just don't

I got a new account, but I don't want to show it, so I will just call it "angrycraft", also I don't want to show the hacker's name so people don't start a witch hunt for them, so I'm just calling him kidode

So, I went on to a Minecraft server I sent an invite to, I want on, and here is why you shouldn't start a flame war with a kid

<angrycraft> What up bros I'm poods today I will be making a new vid on minecraft
<kidode> Shut the Wiki-wordmark up
<angrycraft> lol
<kidode> Pewdiepie sucks
<angrycraft> does you like that trumpet
<kidode> Wiki-wordmark Wiki-wordmark Wiki-wordmark Wiki-wordmark Wiki-wordmark (he cursed about 5 billion times)
<poptarts34> lol wtf is going on
<professor961a> the cringe is leaking out
<kidode> I am a profession hax0r
<poptarts34> and my dad is a cop
<angrycraft> hax0rs be free,
<kidode> I will hax0r you all
<cringeman> Wiki-wordmark (censored to stop a witch hunt) hi
<kidode> Help me destroy these guys
[cringeman] Tool 12-a: opening: Status: Activated
<poptarts34> Wtf, he has the hacks

[the server crashes]

[everyone joins back on the server, I can't talk since it's VERY laggy]

<cringeman> That tool was created by CringeyCorp, led by the almighty CringeyCraft
<poptarts34> Why did you crash our server?
<cringeman> 12th in its series, downloadable at [im not gonna put it]
<kidode> CringeyCorp has been targeting this server for a while, they are dedicated to cleaning up the interwebs, they have a big list of stuff on th Internet to clean up
[cringeman] Tool 12-a: opening: Status: Option
[cringeman] Tool 12-a: opening: DESTROY

[at this point, the server was basically destroyed, everyone that went on was banned permanently, also people started making fake servers, full of people with the same skins as Cringeman]

Later I got a message on the server's website from "Cringeman#1436" that said

[If you want to know what CringeyCorp is, we are basically a bunch of hackers that talk through thousands of irc channels. We want to clean up the interwebs. We are made up of a bunch of divisions. Our members have accounts on many websites, we spy on them. We also use hacks to shut down bad game servers. Minecraft was once a good game, But now it has devolved into trash (there was a link to a video of a guy ripping up a picture of LeafyIsHere and yelling "TRASH"). We want to take down every Minecraft server, starting with the smaller ones. We have taken down 1,591 servers. Me and [kidode] are part of the "SuperCraft64 Yeah!" division. One of the many divisions dedicated to taking down Minecraft.]

That was the last activity on the site. Later, the site's pages were slowing being erased. The site has devolved into a site full of spammy posts.

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