2.0, otherwise known as The Humongous Update, is a Minecraft update coming after 1.10. It's a massive update, because Minecraft actually reached 2.0, which is a milestone, isn't it ?

New FeaturesEdit

New MobsEdit

  • Psychic Enderman
    • Has red eyes
    • Shoots purple energy blasts
    • Small explosions (they don't break anything) occur wherever he teleports
    • Is hostile and thus doesn't need provocation
    • Spawns in dungeons, strongholds, abandoned mineshafts and End cities.
    • Has 40 HP
    • Drops Ender Pearls and Eyes of Ender
  • Shelleton
    • New type of Skeleton
    • Throws bombs. When these explodes, a small energy circle appears for a few seconds that electrocutes everyone who touches it.
    • Attacks with the new Hammer weapon when the Player comes close
    • Doesn't burn up in sunlight
    • Steals the Player's iventory after death, even with /gamerule keepIventory on (except on Peaceful)
    • Has 25 HP
    • Drops bones and his hammer (rarely)
  • Goat
    • New animal
    • Spawns mainly in Taiga biomes and forests.
    • Has 20 HP
    • Drops goat meat, horns (rarely)
  • Garter Snake
    • Neutral
    • Spawns mainly in jungles and swamplands, but also in deserts, savannahs and Mesa biomes
    • Has 27 HP
    • When provoked, it'll lunge at the Player and bite him/her, giving the Poison II effect for 4 seconds. When near death, it'll strangle the Player. If the Player doesn't struggle, the snake will break the Player's air pipe, killing him/her instantly.
    • Drops Viper Fangs and Rattles upon death
  • More mobs TBA

New WeaponsEdit

  • Hammer
    • Looks like a sledgehammer
    • Cannot be made from Wood
    • Stone and emerald hammers deal 5 damage, iron and ruby hammers deal 6, golden, amethyst and lapis lazuli hammers deal 7 damage and diamond and citrine hammers inflict 8 damage. 
    • Can also be used as tool for redstone
  • Raygun
    • Looks like a Star Wars blaster
    • Can be found in End Cities or crafted
    • It's the only gun ever in Minecraft, don't worry !
    • Shoots purple plasma shots
    • Deals 9,4 damage.
    • Can ricochet off shields and blocking swords
  • Drowsy Arrow
    • A new type of Tipped Arrow (in fact the Purple Arrows Skeletons used to shoot)
    • When mobs are hit with it, they fall asleep, and can be carried around or tamed. All types of Drowsy Arrows make the target sleep for a different amounr of time.
    • Weapons can be taken out of Witches' (Wither) Skeletons' Zombie's (and Zombie Pigmen's) hands
    • Armor can be taken off
    • Does not work on Villagers and Squids

New ToolsEdit

  • Scythe
    • Used to cut crops, sugar canes and cobwebs

New OresEdit

  • Ruby
    • Ruby now has a different texture then Redstone
    • Used to trade with Pigmen (not Zombie Pigmen, but the scrapped living Pigman) and to make tools
    • Just between iron and diamond of strength
    • Tool durability is 753
  • Amethyst
    • Used to make tools
    • Just between iron and diamond of strength
    • Tool durability is 497
  • Citrine
    • Just below diamond in strength
    • Used to make tools and quartz blocks
    • Tool durability is 976
  • Also, Emerald and Lapis Lazuli can now be used to make tools.
    • Emerald is between stone and iron in strength; Lapis is between iron and amethyst in strength
    • Emerald is much more common, and can still be used to trade with Villagers.


  • The Aether has been added in, with all of it's glory !
  • Sky Dimension/Skylands
    • This dimension has EVERYTHING that was in Minecraft but got scrapped, removed or unused. A bit like The Forgotten Mod.


  • New move: the Grab
    • Can be used to grab mobs (most require to be killed or asleep), blocks, etc... and carry them around (out of the Iventory), or even throw them.
  • New generated structure; the jail
    • Has a lot of mobs, but also a huge amount of treasure !
  • New biome: Rock plateau
  • Villages now generate in snow biomes, too !
  • A new thirst meter; has to be refilled with drinks. If it drops to zero, you die.
  • The gravel beach makes it's return !
  • New world types:
    • Islands: The size and biome(s) can be changed
    • Skyblock: Self-explanatory
    • Planets: A huge bunch of planets flying in a Void
    • More TBA


  • The death animation of all mobs but Chickens, Villagers, Goats, Cows, Mooshrooms, Sheep and the Player has been changed to a "ragdoll" animation, in which they collapse to the floor and can be pushed and carried around. Slimes and Magma Cubes will instead melt and dissapear.
  • On  Hardcore, Skeletons now have both a sword and bow. If the Player comes close, they'll switch to sword mode, and back when moving afar. The same goes for the Wither Skeletons.
  • On all difficulties, Skeletons have a small chance of spawning with no weapon. They also have a medium chance of spawning with axes, pickaxes and hoes (the latter with Sharpness VII).

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